Nancy L (ACE certified)  @ is offering: REPS / STRETCH/ FLEX CLASS Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9:15 am-10:00 am & 12:00 pm-12:45 pm Stretching, Balance and Strength Training and Flexibility Exercises Questions:  Call Nancy L @ 541-921-7875.   Cost: $4.00 per class.   Location:  Nancy L’s on Devil's Lake. Bring a friend & start having fun. SMILE.... BREATHE...… Continue reading REPS / STRETCH/ FLEX CLASS

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Improve Balance, Stability and Coordination

Improve balance and coordination; reduce the risk of injury through proprioception training. What is proprioception? Proprioception is your sense of position. It is knowing where your body is in space without having to look, a subconscious process.  For example, it enables you to walk without looking at your feet. One’s proprioception tends to weaken with age. … Continue reading Improve Balance, Stability and Coordination

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What is stretching? Why Stretch?

Stretching is physical exercise.  It helps to improve a muscle’s elasticity, tone and flexibility.  It also works to enhance balance and increase blood circulation.  By warming up the muscles and raising the heart rate (HR), stretching prepares the body for exercise with improved physical performance. Stretching also increases production of synovial fluid that reduces friction… Continue reading What is stretching? Why Stretch?