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Should I Eat Before I Work Out?

Should one exercise on an empty stomach (Fasted) or have a snack beforehand.  It depends!  The table below describes the differing scenarios. Training Type Non-Fasted Fasted Endurance Athlete: * Training Low,  low glycogen (energy) stores. NO To improve metabolic efficiency: body will adapt to use fat for fuel (can go longer before ‘hitting the wall’).… Continue reading Should I Eat Before I Work Out?


The Benefits of Exercising on an Elliptical Trainer

Strengthen the Cardiovascular System, Get a Total Body Workout and Burn Lots of Calories.  These are the benefits of exercising on an Elliptical Trainer. Exercising on an elliptical greatly reduces excessive pressure on the joints while providing for a beneficial cardiovascular workout. In addition to exercising the heart, the elliptical works the muscles in the… Continue reading The Benefits of Exercising on an Elliptical Trainer

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Get Strong – Stay Young!

Feeling older and tired and worn out at the end of the day? Losing strength over the years? Is there fat where muscle used to be? Are you eating less, but still experiencing weight gain? As we progress past the age of forty, we begin to lose muscle mass.  This is called SARCOPENIA, and as a… Continue reading Get Strong – Stay Young!