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Get Strong – Stay Young!

  • Feeling older and tired and worn out at the end of the day?
  • Losing strength over the years?
  • Is there fat where muscle used to be?
  • Are you eating less, but still experiencing weight gain?

As we progress past the age of forty, we begin to lose muscle mass.  This is called SARCOPENIA, and as a result (of sarcopenia) we begin to slow down.  The progressive weakness and diminished vitality that is associated with the normal aging process is due to muscle loss, more than anything else.

This does not have to happen.  Strength training works to reverse this process.  It is like a health boost and will help you:

  • Feel younger and stronger.  Feel better than you have in your whole life
  • Regain your strength and vigor
  • Gain muscle, lose fat.
  • Boost metabolism, change body composition and control weight
  • Raise your energy level
  • Improve balance & flexibility
  • Increase bone mass/density.

“Use it or lose it”

Be sure to warm up and stretch for 10 to 15 minutes first when strength training.  See the blog post on stretching for pointers.  You may use use hand weights if you have them, or use household items such as cans of soup as hand weighs.  As you gain strength and endurance, increase your reps (number of times the exercise is repeated in a set) and/or increase the amount of weight.




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