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Exercises that Will Work for You

Exercise is beneficial for the body and for well-being.  Whether you want to begin an exercise routine or try something new, where to start? Think about what kind of exercise is interesting to you.  Is it a fit with your lifestyle?  Aspects to consider: Do you like to work with others or alone (at home… Continue reading Exercises that Will Work for You

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Strength Training Basics – For Seniors

We start losing muscle after the age of 40.  Resistance training, AKA strength training, works to prevent this muscle loss and helps to maintain and build healthy bones. During strength training muscle pulls against bone.  The force of the muscle pulling against the bone stimulates bone building  and improves calcium retention.  This increased strength will… Continue reading Strength Training Basics – For Seniors



Nancy L (ACE certified)  @ is offering: REPS / STRETCH/ FLEX CLASS Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9:15 am-10:00 am & 12:00 pm-12:45 pm Stretching, Balance and Strength Training and Flexibility Exercises Questions:  Call Nancy L @ 541-921-7875.   Cost: $4.00 per class.   Location:  Nancy L’s on Devil's Lake. Bring a friend & start having fun. SMILE.... BREATHE...… Continue reading REPS / STRETCH/ FLEX CLASS

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Get Strong – Stay Young!

Feeling older and tired and worn out at the end of the day? Losing strength over the years? Is there fat where muscle used to be? Are you eating less, but still experiencing weight gain? As we progress past the age of forty, we begin to lose muscle mass.  This is called SARCOPENIA, and as a… Continue reading Get Strong – Stay Young!

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Exercise for the Aging Population

What type of exercise is recommended for the aging population?  Aerobic exercise improves oxygen consumption and metabolism.  Maintaining aerobic fitness during middle age and beyond can delay biological aging by up to 12 years and prolong independence during old age. A study in an issue of JAMA reports that walking two (2) miles a day reduced the… Continue reading Exercise for the Aging Population