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Exercise: How to Get Started

Healthy life habits are very important in dealing with negative health issues associated with aging.  One concern is the unavoidable decline in the levels of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) as we age. HGH helps to slow muscle loss which begins after the age of 40.  Since higher levels of HGH help to make you healthier… Continue reading Exercise: How to Get Started

Interval Training

Burn more calories without spending more time at the gym Interval training is a vigorous, accelerated workout. It works by alternating short bursts (~ 30 seconds) of intense activity with longer intervals (~ 1 to 2 minutes) of less intense activity and recovery. Interval training does not have to involve high-impact exercise, jumping movements, or… Continue reading Interval Training

Exercise – Help Alleviate Arthritis Pain

When living with pain from osteoarthritis arthritis and stiff joints, any thoughts of moving around are accompanied by reluctance.  However, inactivity can actually worsen the pain. Exercise increases blood flow (delivering nutrients) to the joint where cartilage has worn away, and bone is rubbing on bone.  Also exercise helps to: increase flexibility and strength (to… Continue reading Exercise – Help Alleviate Arthritis Pain


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