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Exercise – Help Alleviate Arthritis Pain

When living with pain from osteoarthritis arthritis and stiff joints, any thoughts of moving around are accompanied by reluctance.  However, inactivity can actually worsen the pain. Exercise increases blood flow (delivering nutrients) to the joint where cartilage has worn away, and bone is rubbing on bone.  Also exercise helps to: increase flexibility and strength (to… Continue reading Exercise – Help Alleviate Arthritis Pain

Weight Loss and Facts

Losing weight can help to decrease chances of developing disease: heart disease  high blood pressure diabetes cancer arthritis A weight loss of even just 5-10% of body weight can provide health benefits, including: live longer increase quality of life increase self-esteem and confidence. Losing weight is not easy though.  A long term lifestyle change is… Continue reading Weight Loss and Facts

What to Eat Before and After an Exercise Session

Pre-Workout It is important to consume a snack/meal that contains the appropriate nourishment prior to an exercise session.  Pre-workout nutrition should include carbs (carbohydrates) and easily digestible protein. To avoid indigestion issues and to be able to exercise to full your potential, this pre-workout nourishment should be consumed 1 to 3 hours before starting your… Continue reading What to Eat Before and After an Exercise Session


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