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Exercise – Help Alleviate Arthritis Pain

When living with pain from osteoarthritis arthritis and stiff joints, any thoughts of moving around are accompanied by reluctance.  However, inactivity can actually worsen the pain. Exercise increases blood flow (delivering nutrients) to the joint where cartilage has worn away, and bone is rubbing on bone.  Also exercise helps to: increase flexibility and strength (to… Continue reading Exercise – Help Alleviate Arthritis Pain

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Hand, Wrist and Joint Pain

Performing hand stretches and exercises can help keep hand and wrist joints flexible, improve range of motion and help to alleviate associated arthritis pain. Hands are busy carrying out a variety of tasks every day (like gripping a steering wheel, typing on a keyboard, pipetting in the lab, etc.). These repetitive movements can create weakness and stiffness in the wrists… Continue reading Hand, Wrist and Joint Pain

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Why is Exercise Good for Arthritis

When arthritis is causing you pain, you probably are not interested in moving around or exercising. However, not moving can increase arthritic stiffness. Eventually, muscles will begin to weaken. The downward spiral will continue and movement will become even more difficult. Exercise keeps you moving and increases range of motion. It helps to increase strength… Continue reading Why is Exercise Good for Arthritis