Maintain good health & muscle tone – stay fit eat vegetables

Eating vegetables provides many health benefits:  Reduces risk of some diseases; Provides nutrients for staying fit and maintenance of muscular health; Vital for (body) growth & function.

Muscles do require protein in order to function.  However it’s also important that the nutrients and antioxidants derived from vegetables are in the diet, too. While some vegetables are currently ‘out-of-season’, winter vegetables are now ‘in season’, providing for many veggie options.  These include (among others):

Avocado   (vitamins A, C & E, potassium, iron and fiber)     

Bok Choy   (vitamin C & A and folate)

Broccoli   (vitamin C, folate, calcium, iron and fiber)

Brussels Sprouts   (vitamin C, A, folate and potassium)

Cauliflower   (vitamin C, folate and fiber)

Celery Root  (vitamin C and calcium and iron)

Parsnips   (vitamin C and folate)

Rutabaga   (vitamin C and A)

Squash – Winter   ( vitamin A, potassium, floate, thiamin and fiber)

Sweet Potatoes   (vitamin A, C, B-6, fiber, copper and potassium).

Veggies also:  are low calories; contain NO cholesterol … watch out for sauces-though…

Enjoy some Winter Roasted Vegetables.


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