Fitness for Seniors

Nancy L Fitness offers fitness instruction on a variety of topics.

Our forte is the senior population.


One-on-One Personal Training
Online Workouts.

  • Nancy L’s library of training videos
  • Training videos personalized to your needs

Improve your overall health and quality of life by creating (and maintaining) a balanced lifestyle that contributes to physical and social health by enhancing your level of strength, endurance and flexibility in a productive and safe manner.

Stretch & Relax

A low impact training session that combines exercise and stretching both on land and in the water. Improve your flexibility, strength and balance while enhancing your posture, coordination and mental focus.

Body Toning

Non aerobic, muscle conditioning exercise focusing on strength and balance.

Pilates Mat Work

Low impact exercise that increases cardiovascular capability and core strength by exercising the muscles in differing positions. The exercises focus strengthening the abdomen, lower back and buttock.