Fitness Coaching Seniors


Exercise at home with Fitness Coaching
tailored to your needs!

Nancy L specializes in individual fitness and nutrition coaching focusing on the needs of the 50+ senior population.

  • Personalized – Trainer & individualized plans.
  • Affordable – a number of plan are available.
  • Convenient – requires less time commitment than going to a gym.

Convenience of exercising at home

Nancy L provides personalized training instruction, advice and encouragement, inspiration as you realized your goals while at home.

  • Commute is easy! NO driving to and from the gym.
  • Exercise in surroundings that are familiar and comfortable to you.
  • Set up is simple, outcomes are great!

Video Chat Sessions

  • Real-time reviews and discussions with Nancy L via Video Chat from your phone or computer.
  • Individualized plan is tailored to your specific needs, adjusted as you go along.
  • Additional nutrition guidelines can be included in each plan.

Need some help deciding? Contact Nancy to discuss what will be a good fit.