FitCui Fitness Cuisine

Fit(ness) Cui(sine)


So many people are extremely busy making it difficult to find time to exercise. Why not workout while preparing meals, a type of multi-task in the kitchen?  

Exercise does not have to be a separate activity. Make it part of your everyday routine in the kitchen. Turn cooking into a workout opportunity.

While standing and moving around the kitchen, lifting pots and pans, you burn calories. Fit in a few simple exercises while brewing coffee or heating up leftovers. You will become more limber, increase your range of motion, and get stronger.

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FitCui marries Fitness with Cuisine in a collection of recipes with exercises that correspond to each step of the recipe. FitCui helps make muli-tasking in the kitchen a no brainer so that you may Work Out-Eat In.

The FitCui recipes are held in a binder that stands on your kitchen counter or the recipe page(s) may be removed. The recipe may then be attached to metal surface (e.g., refrigerator) using a magnet for easy viewing.

Step by step, prepare the meal while performing the prescribed exercise at each of the recipe steps.  Detailed instruction for both the recipe and corresponding exercises is provided.