About Nancy

Nancy L Fitness offers the opportunity to develop a long-term successful fitness program in line with your personal goals that is also sensible, functional, and valuable in achieving greater health and longevity for life.


We will provide support and motivation throughout the entire time we are working together.  We will design the best workout routine for your fitness level and nutrition goals.

Nancy’s Fitness Expertise

Nancy L – ACE certified

Nancy L

A certified personal trainer, Nancy has a degrees in Biological Sciences and Exercise Science.  Her qualifications, self motivation and strong interest in the field of fitness are well suited to the many activities related to personal training.

Nancy has been teaching and providing guidance to individuals and seniors in health, nutrition and fitness for over (15) years. She finds rewarding the crafting of programs that favorably impact a person’s health and wellness, especially when the program is easy and effective.

Those who have enjoyed working with Nancy on any number of fitness and nutrition issues have witnessed improvement in flexibility and an overall feeling of wellness.

In this spirit, Nancy:

  • Is committed to educating and supporting clients with positive motivation.
  • Will discuss how to obtain measurable, realistic goals for a lifestyle adjustment.
  • Will provide organized programs with clear directions and realistic feedback.
  • Work to stimulate people toward physical activity and nutritional food choices
  • Considers the risk factors in determining exercise frequency / duration / intensity.

Contact Nancy L  with any comments or questions.