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Happy New Year

Make Your Resolution a Reality!

The ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) recommends at least 30-60 minutes of moderate physical activity five or more days a week. With today’s busy lifestyle it is difficult to fit in that extra 30 to 60 minutes of exercise per day.

However, studies have shown that even small amounts of activity/exercise are beneficial. Any exercise helps to improve health because it:

  • Strengthens bones
  • Increases muscle tone
  • Reduces the risk of some diseases
  • Elevates mood.

Just 10 minutes of exercise a day will bring positive results.

It needs to be efficient exercise, though, sometimes working several major muscle groups at the same time.  And once started, stick with the program.

Routine exercise is one of the best things you can do for your health. You will:

  • Be more energized
  • Boost your ego
  • Elevate metabolism
  • Sleep better
  • Lose / maintain weight
  • Improve brain function
  • Decrease risk of cancer / cardiovascular disease.

Everyday activities and recreation burns calories.  Any extra movement/activity counts toward health benefits:

  • Take the stairs – instead of the elevator or escalator
  • Park further away in the parking lot
  • Iron, wash dishes, cook
  • Rake leaves
  • Walk the dog.

More exercise is definitely better. Take your time easing into longer workouts which are good for building endurance.

NOTE: For safety purposes talk to your doctor about any physical limitations you may have when starting an exercise program.

Try doing the workout below every day and see the results:

Standing dumbbell push press: Works shoulders, triceps, legs & glutes (buttocks).ExerFinal1

  1. Stand.
  2. Hold weights at shoulder level.
  3. Dip knees.
  4. Straighten body driving weights straight overhead.
  5. Complete 20 reps (repetitions).
  6. When this movement becomes too easy, add more reps and/or more weight.

Use dumbbells or other weighted household item such as liter water bottles.


Dumbbell stiff legged deadlift with lateral raise upon standing:  Works low back, glutes, hamstrings (legs), abs (abdominals), deltoids (shoulder), traps (trapezius), rotator cuff & core.

Part I – DeadliftExer2aFinal

  1. Stand, holding weights at each side with knees slightly bent.
  2. Bend at the waist & lower weights to ankles while keeping back flat.
  3. Return to erect posture; raise right foot to result in standing on left leg.

Part II – Lateral RaiseExer2bFinal

  1. Standing on left leg hold weights at each side.
  2. Raise arms out from sides to shoulder height; lower weights to sides.
  3. Start over at Part 1, number 1, standing on right leg for the lateral raise at the end.
  4. Repeat process for 20 reps or as many as possible.
  5. Increase reps and/or weight as strength increases.


One-leg, rotation with medicine ball:  Works spinal erectors (back muscles), upper back, glutes, TFL (hip muscle), tibialis & gastrocnemius (lower leg muscles).Exer3Final

  1. Standing on 1 leg, hold medicine ball or other weighted object at chest level.
  2. Squat pushing ball forward. Keep arms parallel to floor.
  3. Rotate slowly to one side, then rotate to the other side.
  4. Do 20 reps for each leg.
  5. Add reps and/or weight as needed.


Bridging with straight leg raise:  Works iliopsoas (hip flexors), abs, obliques, quadriceps (front of upper leg), hamstrings (back of upper leg).Exer4Final

  1. Lay on back with knees bent and arms at sides.
  2. Tighten abs, squeeze glutes, and raise pelvis (hips) off the floor.
  3. Slowly straighten (extend) right leg up and outward, keeping abs tight.
  4. Complete 20 reps on right leg.
  5. Repeat with left leg.


For more information and additional 10 minute workouts complete the contact form (state in the comment section that you want 10 minute workouts) at https://nancylfitness.com/contact/



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